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Yes Charlie, I am one of you lifetime membership. Can you help me to do the squeesz page and how to auto respond it. I have been tried to learn how to make money on line but until now nil success. Please teach me how. Lanny Loreto

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    I will be happy to. Just log in to Follow Up Selling Systems and visit the Rewards area and we will be happy to both build and host your squeeze page.

Thanks so much for your generosity, it is always useful material to share with us. You are a great mentor!

Charlie, I have been doing what I do for 12 years. I do make money on the net however, I have some serious medical problems I need to get taken care of and I need to automate a few of my sites. I have never used autoresponders and I am not techy. You know my friend, Michelle, who will help me with your program. Do I understand I must use Clickbank and not Paypal? I’ll be in touch, I’m sure. Thanks for all you do for the folks. I appreciate you!!

  • charlie im almost ready to build a squeeze page im ready to start as an affiliate .

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    Excellent. Getting started can be the hard part!

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I read your video, although I am a worker I never understood some of the items which I learned, I would like to join you and hope that this will be possible.

Send this to me free and I will become your poster child! Will you accept this challenge? Thanks

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    No thanks. I sell memberships for a living. If I gave it to you I would have to give it to everyone to work in integrity.


How do I get a squeeze page??

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    Log in to the Follow Up Selling Systems members area and visit the Rewards Center. You can request your squeeze page there and we will build and host it.


This product looks great.


This is a must for every online business so far I’ve studied lotsss of products and it was just a basic course I just really hope that this Website is worthed, but eitehr way Charlie Page his name is one of the top top internet marketer and a CEO that really knows what he is doing. He created and he marketed it well enough to let me be in his lists for many years before deciding to post this up

What are the other costs involved for building and hosting the squeeze pages?

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    There are no additional costs to Follow Up Selling Systems members for us to build and host squeeze pages.

Hi Charlie…
I like this video very much. I wish I had this kindof knowledge when I first started marketing. I wouldn;t be many $’s in the hole. I want to follow up with more of this and perhaps get some time with you on the phone. I know how to contact you, but I want to try this on my own first Do you have a squeeze page already that I can download or do I need to have one written through you.?.
Keep up the great information to those of us who are in DOE.

What is the best tool to use for creating a squeeze Page? I know this is the first step of many!!! Thank you Charlie for all of the GREAT informative info.You notice I didn’t say Good. You are above and beyond this. In fact above and beyond even Great perhaps “GOLDEN” To be the Best; “You must Learn from the Best” Thanks again!!!!

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    We build and host squeeze pages for members as part of their membership. So that’s one way to go.

    If you want to do it yourself I like Optimize Press. Another option is Socrates Theme. They both work well and are easy to use.

    Hope this helps.


Good material, thank you Charlie!

I do appreciate you Charlie but, I just don’t have the funds I don’t have an income at all. If you continue to send me emails I will continue to read them and try to learn if and when i get a bread through I will start to purchase so I can live better. Thanks Randall

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    I understand. I’ve been there too. That’s why I give out so much free information on my sites and my blog at

Hey Charlie, a lot of years back I believe it was shortly after you bought the DOE you helped me write my first article. We actually talked for around 30 minutes on a Saturday with you giving me pointers on how to write. I posted the article and that was the first time I ever made any money online. Thanks for that and thanks today for all your help.

The Squeeze Page: Where do I learn to do a Squeeze Page? I have a “page” where people sign up, then they are sent to another “site” Am I doing this already?

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    Yes, that sounds like a squeeze page to me.

I’ve used an autoresponder for years – the other piece of the puzzle – or pieces – is knowing how to write compelling messages, give value rather than just sell, sell, sell, in order to build a long-term relationship.

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    I agree completely, which is why I created Follow Up Selling Systems in the first place.

    I teach exactly how to do this inside the site.

Is it the chicken or the egg, start on a list first or get the tools set up first then go after a list building ?

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    Get the squeeze page set up and then begin building your own list. That’s the first move.

this is a great video charlie is great and hey speaks clear

Charlie, you are a breath of fresh air. I am inspired. I think with your Freedom Marketing System I can finally see some return for my effort. I want to get started now.