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i’m a member from doe new i really need your help to get financially free.i tried networking in various companies i need something good like this for my family

thank you very much, i hope this method will be the best.

Hi Charlie! I wanted to say what many are thinking… I appreciate the trouble you go to to give us this valuable information. You are one of VERY few marketers that can be truly trusted to have OUR best interests in mind and action! You are, to ALL of us, one of the few “good guys”.

I am delighted to get this Charlie.

Charlie, I wish I had met you much earlier before I was driven from pillar ro post by previous persons who did everything to get my money and could not keep their empty promises. Now I have wasted the Lord’s money so much and I feel really bad about this. I will recoup and be back to pitch my tent with you 100% so I can get properly trained and introduced to Affiliate marketing. I believe the Lord wants to give me consistent monthly income this way as I serve Him in the ministry freely. But I have gone through so much frustrations but I refuse to give up. Thanks for being honest and transparent.

Hi you really give us good stuff

Charlie you are a genius, I like the way you coduct your Biz. If at least half of the marketers could follow suit, life would be easier for every struggling person. For sure, I hope to contact you again soonest, although as a newbie. More of God’s blessing for you Charlie! Roughly, please let me know the cost of setting all these up for me, in fact at present I have an almost dormant web site. Thanks.

thanks charlie it is always a pleasure to listen to your honest information.i am amember of doe do i qualify to get use of your different courses and information on how to do internet marketing to earn a income on line.

Your Follow up sales training sounds very insightful, complete, and making a difference. Most of us who have just begun run into the hype without results. Those shysters leave a very bad taste and do more damage than can be described. I appreciate your approach and your truthfulness. Thanks, Richard

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    It really saddens me to see how much hype there is in my industry.

    I’ve almost quit the IM space over this before but decided that I would just keep doing the best I could and telling the truth and not worry about the bad actors.

    Thank you for your kind words.


Hi Charlie, I am a member of Ezine Directories and also belong to AWeber. Am never sure how to use the form. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Your list building ideas are great. However, what sort of Squeeze page are you talking about? Is it one that I can offer something for free or my products. Cheers Charlie.

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    We build squeeze pages for Follow Up Selling Systems members for any product they want to promote or for free offers they make as well.

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    We build and host the pages for members.

Dear Mr.Charlie Page, your video and words are honest enough , i love being honest , in marketing the most important thing is being honest and you more than honest which it make me trust you 100% , i hope i could start as soon as possible and follow your wonderful F.R.E.E.D.O.M method ,

Hi Charlie! i am realy looking forword to start doing bussines on line! but i dont know where to start first!!!

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    Start with you. What do YOU want to do online to make money? Trying to fit into some program is a mistake in my view. Find your passion and follow it and you will find a way to monetize it if you are truly passionate.

Once again great words I just need the big push! Thanks again.

I want to learn more about the freedom marketing method. I don’t understand how you do all you do in a day. It amazes me. You are so hands on and giving. I am so glad I joined DOE because I KNOW I will be making a profit in the near future with you as my mentor. God bless you Charlie Page.

Charlie Yea I am a life time member have been about a YEAR. When I firstm staredm with you I got a couble bad apples so I back off .. I still read everthing you send. and i AM STILLING TO MAKE A DIME

Charlie, Thanks for the pointers. I truly believe in YOU! So far, you have proven to be a straight-shooter and your tips and information has proven to be wise. If only I could get to that 500 per week level for starters. Heck, even $250 per week would be fine for starters. Still looking for that winning combination.

Mr Page, you are 100% on target. I have been experiencing exactly what you’ve been talking about because I have been too LAZY to do the work. I like to say that the only time SUCCESS comes before WORK, is in the DICTIONARY. So what I’m saying now is that I’m ready to put in the WORK because my personal failures have made a BELIEVER out of me. Thanks Charlie.

Charlie you inspire me to keep going but right now I am working in the “privacy method” due to being targated and hacked on my system more than once in one week! I feel at the mercy of the hackers, and will possibly quit! I can’t take this nonsense any longer it has cost me mega $$$$$‘s even when trying to work on a Supplier’s site! I couldn’t get there, until my system got cleaned! I quit AWeber as I could not work there as well! Sorry, but keep sending me the info, I may come back some day!

Many thanks for your tips Charlie, I am following your traffic tips now and I am very excited to to see them working!!!Take care

Charlie Page has so much knowledge. I would be very fortunate to be taught by Charlie Page and I would hate to venture into business with out him and his knowledge.