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Quick testimonial – I purchased this and it’s the best online course I’ve ever seen. I’m almost through all the content after 3 days. And there is still a lot more I haven’t covered. Honestly, this is a quality product. Thanks Charlie!

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    Thanks Jeff! I appreciate your kind words.

Hey Charlie, been around IM for a few years with little success but have recently began building my list. My main issue now is writing the follow up emails to fill my autoresponder. I understand with the turnkey packages these follow up messages are provided. Do you provide any other pre-written messages other than these in follow up selling systems? Is there training on writing follow up messages within the course as well? Thanks for your help, very close to joining but would like to know the answer to these questions. Regards, Dave

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    Hi Dave – Good questions and yes to both! We have pre-written messages that are not part of a Turnkey package.

    Of course, all Turnkey packages come with messages written but we do offer even more pre-written message packs.

    I have an entire module about how to write messages. It will take you from the very beginning (how to choose topics) all the way through formatting.

    Hope this helps.


Great practical info I am interested to learn more

Thank you Charlie for speaking honestly. Gaining people’s trust is huge and you’ve accomplished that here with what I’ve heard and seen. Much appreciated.

Excellent advice Charlie, thank you for sharing it with us

Thank you Charlie………I’m all in….looking forward to learning from a true Professional

am a big fan of yours Charlie and would highly recommend this amazing sytem

I believe you more then anyone else…. donĀ“t know why , but I do :)

Brilliant overview of what most ‘gurus’ won’t tell you. Small list actively engaged will yield good results and a solid income. Looking forward to getting started

I love your stuff and I am a lifetime member is this all available and I am not finding it in the DOE’s? I will be looking at this more closely right away.

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    Follow Up Selling Systems and Directory of Ezines are separate sites. You won’t find material from one in the other. The DOE is about ezine advertising where Follow Up Selling Systems is about selling via email and building your own list.

    Hope this helps.


Wow amazing, you speak clearly and the most important thing is the valuable information you tell me. This is great, thank you very much Charlie.

Charlie, Thanks this is Amazing System

I am truly thankful for your generosity. Gene

Its wonderful actually,helps alot of people.i like it..thank you charlie

Thanks for such great information Charlie

Charlie for 3 years now I have been chasing the golden grail and it is now time to get real! I love your work and you are the most authentic person i know online and I know lots. Thanks for being there with the same message over and over and over. I think I am finally getting it, you say the same thing because it works over and over.


It sounds very interesting to me.

Sounds very interesting Charlie.

Thanks Charlie, as a member of DOE . and a total newbee, the information thus for from you has been very valuble and useful.

I. Thank you