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Hi Charlie, thanks for the great information you always deliver. My question is I have sign up for affiliates from other internet marketers. Would I still promote them on this system If I become a member? ..Thanks & God bless you and family!…great day!

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    Yes! Follow Up Selling Systems is perfectly suited to promoting affiliate products.

Hello Sr. how are you? I just would like to know if this methods will work for Network Marketing as well. you can send me an email at - or give me call if you will at - … Thank you for your help and thank you for your time.

God Bless you and your family.

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    Although I can’t call or write you I do want you to know that email follow up works especially well in network marketing.


Is everything we need to know included? articles, blogging, facebook, twitter, etc.?

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    I can’t say if it is because I do not have all knowledge about all topics. Everything I know about marketing online is included in the site. And I do cover all the topics you mentioned.

Hi Charlie, this looks like a great opportunity to finally take my business to the next level. I am already building my list and have my own product. My main two concentration points are monetizing via follow up email marketing and attracting traffic. You had said in one of your videos that you had whole campaigns ready to go. I know that you have 25 message follow up packages for various products, but do you also have a schedule for when these packages and websites should be sent out? I am looking for a high quality automated follow up sequence that will go on for months or more so I can concentrate on building and attracting traffic instead of looking for quality products to promote most of the time. I think nothing could be more profitable than setting up a a 5 to 6 month automated follow up system and then spend the majority of your time building and attracting traffic. I would especially appreciate a feature like this because I’m not a pro at copy writing. I would love to know how your system may automate or semi-automate this goal of mine. Thanks for the great content and I look forward to hearing from you. Jeff.

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    Most of our Turnkey Packages are long enough to go for 6 months or more. One message a week for 6 months is only 24 messages.

Thank you for your presentation of " The Freedom Marketing Method "; you gave me a lot of information that I know I need to promote my own store on the internet. So Mr. Page I know nothing about about what I should have; you promoted hypertracker as your choice for an Ad Tracker So my question is who should I use as an autoresponder & what does it do and do I need one?

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    These are the things I teach inside the course. I use and recommend Aweber for autoresponders.

What is the best possible source that you know of for creating a professional squeeze page???I have several websites but I need a great squeeze page to complete my internet affiliate marketing quest.

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    Why Follow Up Selling Systems of course! If you want to do it yourself then Optimize Press is a very good choice.

are there videos for the the seven steps in the freedom marketing method? Do I need a website to use the 7 steps here? I am a member of clickbank and have several products to promote but to date I have not made a penny…Thanks , Terry

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    Yes there are. There are over 100 videos in the site so we have you covered. You do not need a website of your own to use what I teach inside Follow Up Selling Systems.

Very nicely done. You have a good thing going here. Keep up the good work.

I have been a member of DOE since 2009. I am still not making money because like many people who want to make money online have been sidetracked by rosey promises of immediate earnings. I can now say that there is no more trustworthy ‘guru’ than Charlie Page and from here on in will take advantage of that trustworthyness with confidence going forward.

You mentioned that you used hypertracker. Is it

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    Yes it is.

Do this system work for newbies and do you help us pick out a product to sale?

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    Yes. The “R” in F.R.E.E.D.O.M. stands for Research Products. I teach a great deal about how to find the right products inside the course.

Nice Kajabi site. As to tracking, there’s also Prosper, which is free if you host it yourself. My question is if the membership includes any mobile optimized squeeze pages that can be promoted on Admob?

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    We don’t offer squeeze pages specifically for mobile at this time. Sorry.

My question is do you give us any recomendation for a product to sell after we set up the squeeze page and they opt in.

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    Absolutely! Our turnkey packages promote either one specific product or a range of products. There are entire videos inside the site about the products I promote and why and I teach members how to choose the best products to promote as well.

Hi Charlie, I’m really learning a few things about internet marketing from all the videos in “The F.R.E.E.D.O.M marketing method”, no, I’m not charted member yet, but I’m seriously thinking on joining as soon as I can.
Receive my warmest regards from me and my family from Tijuana, Mexico. Have a nice and safe holydays and also a great 2012! Blessings from Tijuana!!!

  • I need to know what product to sell when people opt in to the squeeze page do this course help with picking out a product I am a complete newbie.

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    We have a lot of information in the site about choosing products. The “R” in F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Marketing Method stands for Research Products. Finding great products is a very important part of my site. Each turnkey package promotes either a specific product or a range of products.

Hi Charlie, Here’s my three things.
1, I hope this finds you and yours family happy and well.
2, Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas.
3, Whishing you and your family a Very Prosperous 2012.
Great videos especailly the bit about ad tracking because you can see which ads are doing well and which are not so that you can something about them instead of letting them probably damage your business.

I’m truly interested. Will have to save the money to join. I’ve been out of work for 8 months and my online is not producing. I wil use your tips and videos untill this happens.

Does this method teach HOW to set up that squeeze page? And how to set a download centre, etc.?

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    Absolutely! We both teach how to do this and do this for members as well. While we don’t provide hosted pages beyond squeeze pages (like download pages) we do consult with members and help them get it set up. It’s quite easy once you’ve done it a few times. Hope this helps.


mr. charlie i have joined your 5iphon extreme i have completed more than 15 days nothing is happening yet.
i was supposed to get 5 refrell after joining and 5 each for them so far nothing is happened. so kindly let me know how can i trust that i will get real help because i am new to this.

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    What methods are you using to drive traffic to your Siphon site?

I need my freedom marketing method $

i want to join this site

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    To join just click the link that says “Charter Membership” where you will find an order button under the video.