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Thanks Charlie! Been a long time member of DOE and excited about the new changes you are making to it and can not wait for your new setup. I love your teaching techniques and the more I learn about this membership, the more convinced I am to get onboard. This video and others reminded me of my list of 500 I had on aweber. The problem is they were all freebie seekers apparently because every time I promote a quality product of value, no one never ever bought a thing with only a handful ever clicking on the links! I never bombarded them every day with promotions and even sent them useful information to try and build relationships with them but nothing happened! Talk about a bombed list. This went on for a while getting disappointed every time. I was clueless! I did the only thing I thought it needed – A funeral! I cancelled the whole list and was going to start over fresh but bad health intervened and stopped everything for about 2 years but recently started up again. (Even though I have loads (Gigabits) of different programs/products,etc I bought and did not use fully or at all (Sound familiar anyone?); stored from before just sitting around. I would think I am a little wiser today!

great teaching charlie i can’t wait to experience all you are teaching us

It just get better and better

Charlie, Thank you for your informative blogs. This one comes at the right time for me, as I have been struggling for a year to get no where and I was just at the point of saying that’s it! No more!!! But you have reignited the spark and shown that it is possible to win. Keep up the valuable work you do.

I wish I had started learning from you a year ago when I began. Thanks sir!

Do you think having your own “store” filled with affiliate products is as good/or better than promoting separate affiliate products?

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    Great question!

    I’m not big on the “store” concept as a primary marketing method. I think it’s highly effective after you have a list and can say to them, based on relationship, “if you need anything check this resource”.

    But I prefer to be very focused in my marketing and that means promoting one product at a time for me.

    Hope this helps.


I always look forward to your next piece of information. You always issue that “oh yeah” factor. Thanks again.

good teacher very great explanation….I appreciate it

Would you consider the new GSC/ITM program vy Vick (coming soon) as a quality product?

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    I would not as I have not seen the product and there have been some issues with GSC. Not saying it can’t be but I would not put it in that category at this time.

What a good way to spend a day off… and the neat thing is I know I am being guided to a clearer understanding as to why I have floundered in the past. I have gotten a very clear idea as to why I should be aiming for higher quality products. If the quality is truly higher and I have proven myself with my prospective client, they will be comfortable paying a higher price — which means I don’t have to mess around with the rinkydiinkydoo of “freeby foeverafter” non-clients.

The best to you, Charlie.

Bobby Earle

very great explanation….I appreciate it

Charlie you are always exactly on point with every topic you share. Thank you for sharing from not only your experience but from your heart.

I tried to download the mindmap pdf and it took me to an error page. Thanks for your help!!

yes Charlie you hit the nail on the head,Great stuff

Thanks for sharing this with me. Great stuff